Annual Trauma Symposium – May 31, 2024
West Edmonton Mall, Fantasyland Hotel
0730 – 1630h
Agenda & Registration to open March 15, 2024

In the spirit of our mission and values this is where you will find links to trauma nursing education.


Association of Canadian Trauma Nurses
Check back here for future opportunities. Past opportunities have included our Annual Trauma
Symposium. Plans for future webinars, TNCC courses and other enticing events will be posted here.


Trauma Nursing Core Course – ENA.Org
The premier trauma nursing course for nurses and hospitals worldwide. Every second counts when
stabilizing life-threatening trauma cases – prepare yourself by taking TNCC.
Many of our Executive and Members are TNCC Directors and Instructors. Available Courses ran by our membership will be listed here. In addition courses may be found by searching via this link:
ENA University | Educational Offerings


Society of Trauma Nurses
This is a Nursing Association which is similar to ACTN and is active globally. Click below to learn more:
Home (


Trauma Association of Canada
This is a Canadian community of multidisiciplinary trauma professionals involved in the care the injured
patient. Click below to learn more:
Home – Trauma Association of Canada % (